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  • To have a unique Medical Record Number (MRN) worldwide
  • To be able to access your medical record anytime anywhere
  • Be better prepared for your doctors, labs and radiology centres visits.
  • In Case of Accidents & emergency, Ceglly will speak instead of you.
  • Share your health data with Ceglly Community.
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Features and Benefits

General Features
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General Features
  • Ceglly is the first worldwide cloud software application that using an international Medical Record Number for all individuals all over the world.
  • The individual medical record is accessible and available anytime and anywhere.
  • The individual medical record is owned by the individual himself and he/she can share his data with any healthcare organizations controlled by his permission.
  • The individual can share a data sector or whole his medical record with Ceglly Community during a specific period of time.
  • Ceglly is providing an intelligent dashboard, many graphics curves and statistics that help individuals to keep and monitor his/her health status.
  • Ceglly helps doctors and physicians to take the right diagnostics and medications by accessing the historical health data of the patient with different age phases.
  • Ceglly main concern is the Patients' record confidentiality through using (Public, Classified, ... ) confidentiality' degree (the appropriate degree of confidentiality will fall in between and will be a compromise between privacy and the desire to receive informed help from medical practitioners).
  • Ceglly is an electronic medical record, just like any other record keeping, moving patients' records from paper and physical filing systems to computers and their super storage capabilities creates great efficiencies for patients and their providers.
  • Ceglly is very useful in case of accidents & emergencies, Critical data such as blood type, prescribed drugs, medical conditions and other aspects of medical history, can be reached quickly and safely. A quick access to this type of medical data at this time could be a main reason for life saving of the individual.