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Why should I sign up for Ceglly !
  • To have a unique Medical Record Number (MRN) worldwide
  • To be able to access your medical record anytime anywhere
  • Be better prepared for your doctors, labs and radiology centres visits.
  • In Case of Accidents & emergency, Ceglly will speak instead of you.
  • Share your health data with Ceglly Community.
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Ceglly Services

Services/National ID Card

National ID Card

Get Immediate Access to all
Your Medical Records!

- If you are hurt or unconscious during a medical emergency and can't speak for yourself, your National ID Card will speak for you.

- Ceglly System is using your National ID number as your medical record number which in turn is your Ceglly account ID.

When do you need your National ID card in Ceglly System?

  • In Case of Emergency .
  • Visiting a Doctor or Hospital .
  • When Traveling.
  • Natural Disasters . provides a full range of product services that is simple to use, reliable, affordable and works well for the member and gives the emergency responder or doctor what they need in an easy to read format.

Why Do You Need National ID Card in Ceglly System?

  • Cell phone accessibility of members medical information .
  • Internet access of members medical history .
  • Summary report of members emergency medical information.
  • Care providers can upload medical records directly for you.
  • Manage allergies, medications, doctors, emergency contacts, health insurance.
  • Personal password protected account.
  • Fully secured transfer of data.
  • Legal wishes, third party medical reports, estate planning, family management.
  • Upload, fax, scan or mail documents for instant upload to a members account.
  • Email notification of expired prescriptions and new document uploads.
  • Prescription discount card service.
  • Interactive Health Information Library .
  • Full service online blood labs.