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  • To have a unique Medical Record Number (MRN) worldwide
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  • Be better prepared for your doctors, labs and radiology centres visits.
  • In Case of Accidents & emergency, Ceglly will speak instead of you.
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Ceglly Services

Services/Health Information Library

Health Information Library

Get interactive health information tutorials as
a Ceglly Member!

- View interactive tutorials of common health related questions..

- Educate yourself about your health and learn the symptoms of specific medical conditions..

View interactive tutorials of common health related questions from:

  • Annual testing from: Colonoscopy, CT Scans to Blood Work.
  • Questions on cancers: Breast, Colon or Lung cancer
  • Chronic diseases like: Diabetes, Depression or MS.
  • Answers about living healthy: Eating right and Exercising.

- The Health Information Library helps our members protect themselves. The Library gives you interactive tutorials about common chronic diseases, what to look for as symptoms and the steps to take moving forward with your doctor.

- The library provides specific information and answers about most of the standard tests your doctor would recommend: a CT Scan; a Colonoscopy; an MRI; a Nuclear Stress Test; and more.

- Also, you will find facts about the common cold and flu and how to treat them plus instructions about preparing for surgery and what to expect afterwards.

- The Library helps you become pro-active in managing your health by teaching you how to eat right and explaining the importance of exercise for a person’s health and wellness.

- The more knowledge our members possess, the less likely medical mistreatment will happen to them.

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