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  • To have a unique Medical Record Number (MRN) worldwide
  • To be able to access your medical record anytime anywhere
  • Be better prepared for your doctors, labs and radiology centres visits.
  • In Case of Accidents & emergency, Ceglly will speak instead of you.
  • Share your health data with Ceglly Community.
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Ceglly Services

Services/Individuals Benefits

Individuals Benefits

  • Access your Medical Record anytime anywhere (24 hours a day / 7 days a week) without needing for any paper or documents.
  • Having a unique Medical Record Identification Number (MRN) all over the world.
  • You are the only one capable to monitor, control and manage your medical record data.
  • You can share part or whole medical record data with your family member, friends or healthcare organizations controlled by your permission within a specific period of time.
  • Confidentiality is the main concern of Ceglly, So, Your medical data is strongly secured according to the highest levels of the international standards.
  • You are the only owner of your medical data; accordingly, you can update your security policy anytime you want.
  • Ceglly provides you with an intelligent dashboard that contains many graphics curves and statistics that enables you to keep and monitor your health status with different periods of time.
  • On your doctor’s visit, accessing your historical health data will help doctors and physicians to take the right diagnostics for your symptoms or complains and medications’ decisions.
  • Ceglly enables you to enter, modify and delete any data of your medical record (including diseases, Lab tests and radiology sheets) independent on what healthcare organization or doctors you deal with.
  • In case of accidents & emergencies, Ceglly is very urgent, because Critical data such as blood type, prescribed drugs, medical conditions and other aspects of medical history, can be reached quickly and safely. A quick access to this type of medical data at this time could be a main reason for saving your life.
  • When you travel for a long distances using highways, you can share your prepared emergency profile to all healthcare organizations and ambulance’ centres that are distributed all over your travelling road.
  • For pregnant women, she can follow up all their health measurements (Lab tests, baby size, radiology scan ...) and many other benefits.
  • For mothers, they can follow up their entire baby’s health status and measurements (baby tall & weight curve, vaccines, and immunizations) and many other benefits.